RISE Certification

Stronger standards equal stronger communities

Raising standards in the public construction industry is essential to a strong community. The heart of our communities is its infrastructure and its people.

Dedication to promoting proper planning, financing, and execution of public infrastructure projects while maximizing stakeholder and taxpayer value is at the core of the Raising Industry Standards of Excellence (RISE) certified program. RISE was created to build a network of communities committed to raising public construction industry standards.

RISE certification is available to any public body that spends money on public infrastructure or works on public works projects. This includes – but is not limited to – counties, municipalities, school districts, park districts, sanitation districts, or any special unit districts that spend taxpayer dollars on infrastructure.

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About RISE

Raising Industry Standards of Excellence (RISE) is a certification program developed by labor and management industry leaders to provide a framework for high-quality work, construction, operations, and performance on public works projects.