RISE is delivering stronger communities

In an effort to ensure the highest quality of work is performed on our roads, bridges, and highways, labor and management industry leaders enacted the Raising Infrastructure Standards of Excellence (RISE) certification program. RISE ensures that we can demand more from our public construction projects.

Available for all public bodies and communities, RISE provides a pathway to create safe, high-quality, and cost-saving public infrastructure.

The steps for applying

Certification includes three simple steps:

  1. Express interest in becoming Raising Industry Standard of Excellence (RISE) certified.
  2. Pass a series of ordinances and resolutions in your community. Visit the about page to see a list of ordinances and resolutions your community is scored on to be RISE certified. There are also samples of these ordinances on the about page.
  3. Apply to be RISE certified online below.


About RISE

Raising Industry Standards of Excellence (RISE) is a certification program developed by labor and management industry leaders to provide a framework for high-quality work, construction, operations, and performance on public works projects.