Safe, high-quality, and valuable to the public construction industry

RISE certification, developed by labor and management industry leaders, provides a framework for high-quality work, construction, operations, and performance on public works projects. RISE is committed to leveling the playing field in the public construction arena for both contractors and workers. RISE is also committed to encouraging communities to enact policies that will employ the best practices in the construction industry.

How RISE works

Public bodies and communities pursuing RISE certification earn points for passing a series of ordinances and resolutions related to raising standards in the public construction industry. Based on the number of points achieved, a community earns one of three RISE rating levels: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The rubric is scored out of 100 points and is evaluated by leaders in the infrastructure industry.  Apply today.


50-64 points earned


65-84 points earned


85+ points earned

Scoring rubric

Responsible Bidder Ordinance (RBO) – 30 points
  • Participation in an approved USDOL apprenticeship program
  • Workforce transparency
  • Scope and dollar thresholds
  • Commitment to open and transparent bidding
  • Display the staff and technical capacity to enforce and monitor RBOs
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) – 20 points

  • Realistic timelines, priorities, goals
  • Itemization of projects and studies
  • Strategic and sustainable funding
  • Equitable funding across needs
Advisory Commission on Labor & Development – 20 points
  • Establish commission via ordinance
  • Ordinance establishes a reasonable threshold
  • Commission ensures meaningful participation by labor/representatives and owner/managers prior to construction
Prevailing Wage Ordinance – 15 points
  • Commitment to voluntary compliance
  • Encourage legislative agencies and officials to preserve prevailing wage and Davis Bacon laws
Workers’ Rights Recognition – 15 points
  • Established a CBA with eligible employees
  • Passes Workers’ Rights Ordinance/Resolution

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About RISE

Raising Industry Standards of Excellence (RISE) is a certification program developed by labor and management industry leaders to provide a framework for high-quality work, construction, operations, and performance on public works projects.